Friday, May 13, 2011

The odysseys of April

Somewhere back in the month of January, I said it was the worst month….I was wrong there played another month to test my sanity………I say this because the snow continued, day after day with no sign of amnesty. It was like Mother Nature was disciplining her children of spring and not allowing them to come out to play. There was no blue sky with fluffy white clouds…instead; she used the dark heavy gray clouds to corral them into a secret area with no escape. She called upon the bitter cold winds of the north to guard the gentle spring breezes with the frost crystals sealing in their fate….but allowed the snowflakes to continue to fall, sinking the rest of the world into utter melancholy. In my special dogmatic verdicts there was only one word to describe it all…….IT SUCKS!

To add to this bitter dissolution, my husband was laid off his Job as of April 1. The company had changed insurance companies, and due to an accident two years before, they would not cover him…, his only accident in 36 years of driving. They laid off another driver, and 15 employees in the plant. Unemployment papers filed, and many, many resumes were sent out, and the weeks continued to slowly slip through our fingers…we couldn’t work outside, the weather was bad, so his school work dominated the long hours of the longer daylight hours of SNOW. I did however start the plants, in the house at first in the kitchen window, and then as the days grew slightly warmer transferred them to the green house and got the heater warming them at night even tho I knew the electrical bill would skyrocket …there was no choice. Growing slowly, they are doing just fine, and sometimes now in the month of May, the sun actually shines, and spring does seem to open the door a couple times a week.

However, the Month of April, was shining for the women in my family, you see I have three sisters, didn’t grow up with them, since I left home early, but have kept in touch……and as sisters go, we agree to disagree at times, have led entirely different lives, but when the chips are down, the blood runs hot. So, I have to" honour" them this month, as they have all captured great moments in their time of life……No.1 is baby sister Denise…..she has finally acquired that educationary degree that sets her above all the rest….I would tell you what it is, but quite frankly it is so long I can’t remember it, or pronounce it, but it puts her first in her choice of medical worlds……Yeah! Then next comes middle sister, Rose, or Rosie as I always call her……she has landed a job after being out of work for almost two years…..and it is right where she wanted to be, a single mother raising her beautiful daughter, she has completed her schooling, hit the rough years, and now the reward….a job that is perfect for her……last but not least comes Ann Marie, the lady who was always ultimately groomed, and now holds the title of having the most stitches and staples in the world, but is out of the American Cancer hospital in Zion, at home…ready to tackle the next steps of recovery……..being the luckiest person in the world who doesn’t have to worry how her hair looks when she gets up in the morning….that would be my dream….I can’t get mine short enough…UG….hate that woman in the mirror with porcupine looking gray hair that just won’t calm down. These are very strong, wonderful women of my family that I am proud to know…., they have met the fate of their destinies, and have won… I just have to figure out what mine is…..but then it never was a priority with me……I just wander on behind all the little animals…..

Our septic tank sprung a leak….now if that isn’t a S_______ turn of events, nothing is… on the one warm day of last week, we had the shovels out, and dug out the very wet clay earth down a couple of feet to find that the top central round piece had lost part of its seal, and we have to reseal it. But of course now we have to wait for the weather to be a certain temperature to spread the sealer around the cement…..and hope the one who is painting it on doesn’t fall in…..ya know that did happen to someone around Eau Claire a couple of years back…..the outcome was not the best…..I will not go into details…..but now I know how that can happen. We are also replacing some of  the fence around the barn yard, as the old one was one we recovered from my brothers Ostrich pen about 8 years back, and is in sore condition… see the goat stands there and sticks her tongue out at the dogs, and when they come to the fence she butts …or tries to butt them, eventually leaving gaping holes in the fence which I have tried to cover with various screening stuff….and then Avi decides to dig under the fence to get at whatever delicacy she thinks is on the other side leaving more holes in the ground and the fence….or try to climb over the top for reasons I cannot understand. Sometimes she would make holes in the fence just to entice the chickens to come out on the other side, so she could put them out of their so called misery……so with Tim home we are putting up another 100 feet of 8 foot high of 2x4 squares of welded wire, fence, and straightening out all the fence posts that the goats butted over the years. And the garden plots are cleaned out, and ready to till, along with all the fruit trees, and roses, pruned for another year of beauty. If the rain would stop for a while, and the sun come out for more than 2 days we could till the garden…but…no hurry, the plants in the green house are still young….and let’s face it SPRING is very late.

May has brought good news, Tim has a job…driving for a trucking company in Medford…….70 miles away….yes a long ways away, but he will be gone for 5-7 days, running down south carrying anything from paper products to pizzas. The raises are good, the tractors are new…and looks like the gas prices may drop…so we have our favorite garage owner looking for a vehicle for me so Tim can take the truck to work. For now however, I will have to drive him to work and pick him up…..140 miles round trip …UG…

…I understand that they have a few drivers that also drive along way, Rice Lake, Bruce and… Yes even…. Iron Mountain, Michigan……..but that’s the way it is out here….gain a little, give a lot….that’s homesteading in the north…..some days I would like to shove it…but other days…I know it’s where we belong. If only that sun would shine a few more days………..yup……just never satisfied…following all the little animals,…….ya know the trail….


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