Wednesday, February 4, 2009


IF PRACTICE MAKES ONE PERFECT, AND NO ONE IS PERFECT, WHY PRACTICE? I looked up from the material I was cutting to see my husbands quizzical face looking at me with a hint of laughter in his voice waiting for the answer. How long did it this subject weigh heavily on his mind before he decided to test my patience to see just where I stood in his universe. If the truth be known, I know he had heard this on Sirius radio in between the shows of THE SHADOW KNOWS and PUDDLY DINK while on one of his long boring trecks, and waited for the opportune time to spring it on me. Having suffered thru three children growing up , a mother is used to just about with out missing a step I just shrugged shoulders in disbelief and said .".to accomplish goals."...and left it at that. However, later that evening, it dawned on me....with out practice the cave man would have never thought about fire, and the wheel would never have been discovered and we would have never made it to the moon.. It is with practice that we make mistakes, and with mistakes we make new discoveries, with the onset of new discoveries we practice more, and the world goes round and round, as we strive for perfection. So is perfection the result of practice, or is practice the result of perfection? Well that being the object of an oncoming headache,.... here is the results of the answers to the of the pillows I took apart four times, till I had to cover the stitches with another piece of lace, due to the imprints of the needles. I could have just started all over again with a new piece of material....but instead I kept practicing as the results of the mistakes, and finally ended up with with a pillow that almost passed the test. Tho still not really satisfied with the results, its going out any way to one of the grands, along with the CQ valentines I can go on to other things to be accomplished.......with practice.....!


  1. today i saw a coyote'
    his coat bathed in cold
    as reluctant traffic stopped
    warmth in roadkill found

  2. Poor baby, I am sure he made it alrite, as long as he got something to eat.