Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lightening strikes

This weekend was quiet as usual, the machine and I were one humming along quite happily, when this thunderbolt struck the house with such force that the pins fell off their magnetic holder, the spools of thread bounced off their keepers, and the britely red, white, and pink strips of material that were to be placed in my CQ valentine hearts were dancing wildly thru the air. The source of this disturbance was echoing from the cushion on the sofa....."Do you think we can afford 40 dollars for a bee keeping seminar in Menominee in February? It is always polite to ask the keeper of the checkbook far in advance in this economic era for something out of the ordinary. As I struggled to stand up, hitting my head on the table in the process, the cushion took on the vision of my husband..and I thought I was having an hallucination. My husband is a trucker, he works anywhere from 1o to 14 hours a day, depending on delays, and on the weekends he and his two favorite buddies, the Remote, and the sofa, spend hours together listening to the taped episodes of favorite programs of the previous week, or the bloody stories of cops and robbers at the OK corral. This big, wonderful Teddy Bear, actually used my electric wheelbarrow to carry out the garbage...some 25 feet away....and He is thinking of a Hobby. Will miracles never cease to exist. He has been beaten by a chicken..the chicken won....bitten by a docile but exuberant alpaca, and told by the ER doctors to stay away from gentle creatures....and he wants to raise bees. The end result of this eye opening scenario, is I have encouraged him to take the all day seminar, the only thing that can happen is he can get stung and we find out he is allergic to bee stings.........right?

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  1. I hope he isn't allergic!! I really enjoy your posts and do like your blog. Shirley