Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new beginning

So this is it, the beginning of an adventure, away from the comforts of easy city living, noisy streets, blaring sirens, to absolute silence....50 miles away from the largest city, 18 miles away from the nearest town, and a mile off the main road. Deep into the heart of the north woods, high on a hill, surrounded by thick woods, singing birds, and all the trappings of woodland creatures. In the months to come, we would be visited by black bears, cougars, white tailed deer, wolves, coyotes, wild turkeys, pheasants, Fischers, all new to this long time city gal, coerced by my husband to invest the last of our remaining years in the silent recognition of another world.

The next few years, I will have learned animal husbandry, put my gardening skills to use, remember and use lessons learned in the childhood days of canning and freezing, start sewing anew, go back to quilting, and using my imagination, to bring sounds and sights into the very calm, and quiet world of the country. Now on the once empty field stands a house, we built ourselves, an acre garden, sheds to house the animals, and a mile long driveway to walk for excercise to get the mail. Long cry from opening up the door to greet the mail carrier. All the knitting, sewing, weaving, spinning, crocheting lessons learned in the city, where there was easy access to all, will now be put to use. The techincal age of the computer has helped me keep my sanity, make new friends, learn new lessons, and best of all keep in touch with all the people we left behind. Gone are the days of ordering pizza to be delivered, running to the grocery store to pick up ONE item, and chatting across the fence with the neighbor next door. Now I make my own bread, run to the city maybe twice a month for a LIST of groceries, and listen to the wind blowing in the woods, which is never ending here on the hill. This is our NEW AGE.


  1. I was honored to be the first follower of your blog - I enjoyed reading your first post, and I think you will love the life in the country. Are you in Montana? Anyway - I wish you luck on your blog and I hope you will visit mine when you get a chance best wishes, Shirley (list owner) learningfa

  2. Shirley
    I was surprised than anyone would want to read my first post...thank you..and No we live deep in the heart of the Northern Wisconsin woodland surrounded by lakes, TREES, hills,and creatures. I have been reading your blog for a bit now...and love it.

  3. Sorry - it sounded like Montana. I would love to visit your new place. I imagine there are many places to take wonderful pictures. We were in a place much like that and I loved the quietness. Due to dh's health (heart) we decided it would be better to move back to better medical facilities, but we both miss it. Enjoy every minute!

    I hope you will keep up with your blog as I like the way you express yourself! I am putting you on my blog list. Shirley